1/22/14: The competition skate order is now available!  The warm-up area competition schedule is also available.

The revised schedule (1/21/14) is now available.  Please note that times are subject to change.  Download the schedule or see the summary below.  Note: Please check out the teams page to see which teams are in a particular qualifying group.

Thursday - Sears Centre
7:05 AM MW Open Juvenile QR1 Official Practice
8:35 AM MW Open Juvenile QR2 Official Practice
9:55 AM PC Open Juvenile Official Practice
11:10 AM MW Open Juvenile QR3 Official Practice
1:10 PM PC Juvenile Official Practice
1:20 PM MW Juvenile Official Practice
4:15 PM MW Open Juvenile QR1 Competition
5:27 PM MW Open Juvenile QR2 Competition
6:33 PM PC Open Juvenile Competition
7:24 PM MW Open Juvenile QR3 Competition
8:10 PM Awards - PC Open Juvenile Awards
8:45 PM PC Novice Official Practice
9:15 PM MW Novice Official Practice
Thursday - Triphahn
11:00 AM MW Preliminary QR1 Official Practice
12:45 PM MW Preliminary QR2 Official Practice
2:45 PM PC Preliminary Official Practice
3:05 PM MW Pre-Juvenile QR1 Official Practice
4:10 PM MW Pre-Juvenile QR2 Official Practice
6:30 PM PC Pre-Juvenile Official Practice
Friday - Sears Centre
7:00 AM MW Intermediate Official Practice
10:45 AM Junior SP (PC / MW) Official Practice
11:50 AM MW Senior SP Official Practice
12:10 PM PC Intermediate Official Practice
1:05 PM Adult (PC / MW) Official Practice
3:40 PM PC Juvenile Competition
3:50 PM MW Juvenile Competition
5:37 PM PC Junior SP Competition
5:48 PM MW Junior SP Competition
6:14 PM Awards - Juvenile Awards
7:09 PM PC Novice Competition
7:36 PM MW Novice Competition
9:11 PM MW Senior SP Competition
9:24 PM Awards - Novice Awards
9:59 PM MW Collegiate Official Practice
Friday - Triphahn
7:30 AM MW Preliminary QR1 Competition
8:34 AM MW Preliminary QR2 Competition
9:32 AM PC Preliminary Competition
9:41 AM MW Pre-Juvenile QR1 Competition
11:02 AM PC Pre-Juvenile Competition
11:49 AM MW Pre-Juvenile QR2 Competition
12:54 PM Awards - PC Preliminary & PC Pre-Juvenile Awards
1:55 PM MW Open Collegiate Official Practice
3:30 PM MW Open Adult Official Practice
Saturday - Sears Centre
7:45 AM Junior FS (PC / MW) Official Practice
9:00 AM PC Masters Official Practice
9:20 AM MW Masters Official Practice
10:05 AM MW Senior FS Official Practice
10:59 AM MW Open Juvenile Championship Competition
12:36 PM MW Junior FS Competition
1:13 PM PC Junior FS Competition
1:36 PM MW Adult Competition
2:16 PM PC Adult Competition
2:40 PM MW Masters Competition
3:03 PM PC Masters Competition
3:15 PM Awards - MW Open Juvenile Championship, Junior, Adult, Masters Awards
4:15 PM MW Intermediate Competition
7:24 PM PC Intermediate Competition
7:50 PM Awards - Intermediate Awards
8:28 PM MW Collegiate Competition
9:36 PM MW Senior FS Competition
9:53 PM Awards - Collegiate, Senior Awards
Saturday - Triphahn
7:30 AM MW Pre-Juvenile Championship Competition
9:07 AM MW Open Collegiate Competition
10:37 AM MW Preliminary Championship Competition
11:57 AM MW Open Adult Competition
12:57 AM Awards - MW Pre-Juvenile, Open Collegiate, MW Preliminary, Open Adult Awards